HITSCENE - (9/8/69) - Aussie show with Nova Express (Around The Block), The Bee Gees (Tomorrow Tomorrow), Tony Joe White (Soul Francisco), Matt Flinders (Picking Up Pebbles), Heart & Soul (Lazy Life), The Checkmates (Love Is All I Have To Give), more.      30 min.      6½

HITSCENE – (4/25/70) – Aussie TV show hosted by Dick Williams with guests Masters Apprentices (Turn Up Your Radio), The Beatles (Let It Be-film), Mike Preston (Cellophane Disguise), Sammy Davis Jr. (Rhythm Of Life), Ross D. Wylie (My Little Girl), Glen Campbell (Honey Come Back-promo).              30 min.           6½

HITSCENE – (5/16/70) – Status Quo (Down The Dustpipe-promo), The Mixtures (10,000 Children), Izzy Di (Loveitis), The Affair (Reckon), Picketty Witch (Same Old Feeling-promo), John Farnham (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head), more.          30 min.           6½

HITSCENE – (7/4/70) – The Zoot (Hey Pinky/Strange Things), Maurice Gibb (Railroad-promo), Doug Ashdown (The Saddest Song Of All), Masters Apprentices (Turn Up Your Radio), more.           30 min.            6½

HITSCENE – (9/23/71) – CCR (Sweet Hitchhiker-promo), Ted Mulry (Remember Me), Tin Tin (Is That The Way-promo), Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (The Dawn Song), Redwing (Shorty Go Home-promo), Free (All Right Now), Daddy Cool (Eagle Rock).         30 min.         6+