HOLLYWOOD A GO GO - (1/30/65) – Round Robin (Land Of 1000 Dances/Do The Slauson), Carol Connors (Just One Look), Serendipity Singers (Movin’ In My Heart/You Don’t Know My Mind), Sinners (You Don’t Love Me/Bread & Butter), Joe & Eddie (Waterboy/He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands), Skip Battin (Searchin’/I Don’t Believe You), The Walker Bros. (He Will Break Your Heart/Tell Me/Cottonfields), Rick & Donna (What Good Is Love?).         45 min.      7+        (V-0759 in middle of screen)

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (2/20/65) - Jackie DeShannon (When You Walk In The Room), Johnny Crawford (Sandy/Story Of The Girl Next Door), Pat & Lolly Vegas (Do You Wanna Dance), The Platters (You Take The High Road/ ?), The Sinners (Baby Please Don't Go), The Challengers (Fannie Mae), Donnie Brooks (Can't Help Loving You/Mission Bell).  From a light film print.           30 min.        7

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO – (4/3/65) - Adam Faith (It's Alright), Gene Chandler (Duke Of Earl/Nothing Can Stop Me), James Brown (Night Train/Maybe The Last Time), Sonny & Cher (Just You/Baby Don't Go), Sue Thompson (Paper Tiger/Norman), The Sinners (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Game Of Love/It's Gonna Be Alright), MUCH more!          50 min.          7+

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO – (4/17/65) - The Arrows (Moondawg '65/Apache '65), Dobie Gray (The 'In' Crowd/At The Go Go), Piccola Pupa, Ian Whitcomb (The Sporting Life/You Turn Me On), Glen Yarbrough (Baby, The Rain Must Fall/Love Come A-Tricklin' Down), The Larks (The Jerk/Heavenly Father), Chubby Checker (Do The Freddie/At The Discoteque), The Sinners (The Last Time/Gloria), more.      50 min.       7½      *text in middle of screen*

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (6/5/65) - Very edited version with Melinda Marx (Catch The Wind), Fred Hughes (Ooh Wee Baby), The Sinners (Here Comes The Night), Sam Riddle (Long Tall Texan), Jackie DeShannon (Life Means Nothing Till You Say You'll Be Mine), Jr. Walker (Boomerang), Jimmy Clanton (Hurting Each Other), Jimmy Boyd (Reelin' & Rockin'), The Sinners (Slow Down).         22 min.       7+

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO - (6/19/65) - The Everly Bros. (Cathy's Clown/Gone Gone Gone/I'll Never Get Over You), The Astronauts (Reelin' & Rockin'/I'll Stay With You/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day), Mel Carter (The Richest Man Alive/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me), Dick & Dee Dee (Blue Turns To Gray/Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind/Thou Shalt Not Steal), Jill Jackson (Here Comes The Night), Don Grady (Little People/Summertime Game), The Sinners (Yeh Yeh/Watusi A Go Go).          *text in middle of screen*             45 min.             7½

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (6/26/65) - The Challengers (Wonderful World/This Little Bird), James Brown (Out Of Sight/I Got You), The Sinners (Off The Hook/I've Had It/Milk Cow Blues), Chambers Bros., Sonny & Cher (Just You/All I Really Want To Do/I Got You Babe), Aretha Franklin, The Kimberlys (You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd/Four Long Seasons)       50 min.       6+

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO – (7/31/65) – The Sinners (Eight Days A Week/I Saw Her Standing There/What’d I Say), Jody Miller (I Walk The Line/The Race Is On), Challengers (You Like Me Too Much/Bad Boy/The Last Time), Ray Peterson (Corrina Corrina/One Lonesome Rose), The Impressions (It’s Alright/I Need You/There’s Gonna Be A Meetin’), Glen Yarbrough (Baby, The Rain Must Fall/It’s Gonna Be Fine), Jimmy Witherspoon (The Ever Lovin’ Blues/Love Me Right).               50 min.                6½

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (8/14/65) - The Sinners (Slow Down/Shakin' All Over/Watusi A Go Go), Bo Diddley (Let The Kids In/Bo Diddley/Let Me Pass), Donnie Brooks (Mission Bell/You Make My World Go 'Round/ What'd I Say), Carla Thomas (For You + 1), Booker T & The MG's (Bootleg/ Green Onions), Barry Young (Show Me The Way/One Has My Name)         50 min.        7

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (9/11/65) - The Pair Extraordinaire, The Bees (Mimi's Song/She Belongs To Me/ Leave Me Be), Mary Wells (Never Never Leave Me/Me Without You), The McCoys (Hang On Sloopy/I Can't Explain It), Jewel Akens (The Only Way To Fly/Love Potion #9), Frankie Lymon (Little Bitty Pretty One/Why Do Fools Fall In Love), more.           50 min.          7½      *text in middle of screen*

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO - (10/16/65) - Brenda Holloway (When I'm Gone/You Can Cry On My Shoulder), Rick Nelson (Love And Kisses/Our Own Funny Way), The Sinners (Steppin' Out/Ko Ko Joe/High Heel Sneakers), Nancy Sinatra (If He Loved Me/So Long, Babe), Astronauts (Memphis Tennessee/Ain't That Just Like Me), The Toys (A Lover's Concerto/This Night), The Newbeats (Run Baby Run/Bread And Butter), more.            *text in middle of screen*             45 min.           7½

HOLLYWOOD A GO-GO - COMBO OF (8/14/65 & 10/23/65) - With Eddie Hodges (New Orleans/ + 1), The Turtles (It Ain't Me Babe/Let Me Be), Jody Miller (Home Of The Brave), The Spokesmen (Dawn Of Correction), Booker T And The MG's (Green Onions), Bo Diddley (Let Me Pass), Barry Young (One Has My Name), The Sinners (Slippin & Slidin/Shakin' All Over/ + 1), more.   This show is actually two parts of different shows edited together.       52 min.         7

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (11/6/65)- With guests Bobby Vee (Keep On Trying/Sharin' You/Hey, Little Girl), Jackie Wilson (Baby Workout/No Pity In The Naked City), The Byrds (Mr. Tambourine Man/Feel A Whole Lot Better/All I Really Wanna Do), Ian Whitcomb (You Turn Me On/Be My Baby), Lenny Welch (Darlin', Take Me Back), The Sinners (Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/She's About A Mover/California Sun), The Challengers (Seventh Son/Satisfaction/Sticks & Stones).      1 hour         6½

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (11/13/65) - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs (Ring Dang Doo/Go Go Girl/Wooly Bully), Tommy Sands, The Apollas (You're Absolutely Right/Lock Me In Your Heart), Ted Cassidy (The Lurch/Wesley), Ray Peterson, Nooney Rickett 4 (Bye, Bye Baby/Maybe The Last Time), Tommy Roe (Everybody/The Nitty Gritty), Damita Jo, more.           50 min.         7½         *text in middle of screen*

HOLLYWOOD A GO GO (11/20/65) - 2nd half of 1 hour show with Bobby Fuller Four (Little Annie Lou/ Never To Be Forgotten), Noel Harrison (A Young Girl/Dear Eliza), The Miracles (Mickey's Monkey/ Ooh Baby Baby), Jackie Wilson (Georgia/Baby Workout), Cannibal & The Headhunters (Follow The Music), Marion Montgomery, John Astin.         30 min.          7½      *text in middle of screen*

HOLLYWOOD A GO-GO (12/25/65) - With Bobby Freeman (Good Lovin'/The Monkey), Lesley Gore (It's My Party/Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows), The Association (One Too Many Mornings), The Dixie Cups (Chapel Of Love/The ABC Song), Simon & Garfunkel (Sounds Of Silence), Donna Loren (Call Me).       25 min.       7

ALOHA A GO GO - (7/14/65) - Hollywood A Go Go goes to Hawaii with Jan & Dean (Honolulu Lulu/Surf City/You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy), The Challengers (Pipeline), The Wellingtons, Ray Peterson (One Lonesome Rose), Jackie & Gayle (That's How It Goes/A Summer Song), The Crickets (I Saw Her Standing There), more. 50 min. 6+