HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/18/64) - Hosted by Hugh O'Brien with guests Bertha The Elephant, Marty Ingels, Johnny Mathis, Ginger Rogers, Joanie Sommers, more.         w/o/c       1 hour        7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (6/6/64) - With Gene Barry, Buster Keaton, Gloria Swanson, Juliet Prowse, Jack Carter, and Marilyn Michaels.        w/o/c          1 hour            7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (6/13/64) - Host Dean Martin (Everybody Loves Somebody), Joey Forman, The King Sisters, The Rolling Stones (I Just Wanna Make Love To You), more.       w/o/c         1 hour            6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (9/26/64) - Hosted by Ed Wynn with guests The Rolling Stones (Not Fade Away), Eydie Gorme, The Nicholas Bros., Jack Carter, more.       w/o/c        1 hour        7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/16/65) - Hosted by Bing Crosby with guests Beverly Garland, Frank McHugh, King Sisters (Lollipops & Roses/There Is Nothing Like A Dame/Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do/I'm Old Fashioned), Jacques d'Amboise and Catherine Mazzo (ballet dancers), Corbett Monica, The Three Rebertes (acrobats), Leonardo (plate spinner), Bette Davis and former Hollywood Palace hosts Gene Barry, George Burns, Buddy Ebsen, Phil Harris, Liberace, Tony Martin, Groucho Marx, Ed Wynn, and others join Bing Crosby in a birthday sketch.        w/o/c         1 hour         7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (2/27/65) - Hosted by Roy Rogers & Dale Evans with guests Shelley Berman, Billy DeWolfe, The Nicholas Bros, Jan & Dean (From All Over The World), Sons Of The Pioneers, more.        1 hour         w/o/c          7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/27/65) - Hosted by Tony Randall with guests The Supremes (Stop In The Name Of Love), Allan Sherman (Crazy Downtown), Vikki Carr, Pat Morita, more.       w/o/c        1 hour             7+

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (4/17/65) - Groucho Marx hosts Gordon & Sheila McRae, Shecky Greene, Miriam Makeba, Melinda Marx (East Side Of Town), more.       w/o/c        1 hour        6

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (5/22/65) - Ernie Ford (Gee, But It's Good To Be Home/King Of The Road/Sixteen Tons), Edie Adams (Queen Of The House), Jack Carter, Ann Miller, more.         50 min.       7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/2/65) - With Fred Astaire with guests The We Five (You Were On My Mind), Jimmy Smith, Rudolf Nureyev, Paul Lynde, Jackie Mason, and the Andre Tahon Puppets.     w/o/c      1 hour      7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/23/65) - Host Milton Berle with guests Maury Wills, Abbe Lane, Sonny & Cher (Baby Don't Go/Where Did You Go), more.      50 min.      7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/1/66) - Hosted by Bing Crosby with guests Danny Thomas, Bob Newhart, The Flying Artons with David Nelson, Donna Butterworth (Swanee/Little Grass Shack-with Bing), Ben Blue, Marilyn Maye, Sonny & Cher (What Now My Love/Resolutions-with Bing), more.            w/o/c          1 hour            6

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/29/66) - Host Arthur Godfrey and guests Sid Caesar, Abbe Lane, Mamas & Papas (California Dreamin'/Be My Valentine), more.    w/o/c     1 hour    7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (2/5/66) - Vincent Edwards, Bette Davis, Liza Minelli (Where Did You Learn To Dance/There Is A Time), Joan Rivers, more.         w/o/c          1 hour          6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/19/66) - Hosted by Robert Goulet with guests The Muppets, Jan Murray, Chita Rivera, Nancy Sinatra (As Tears Go By/These Boots Are Made For Walking), more.        w/o/c     1 hour          6

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (4/2/66) - Hosted by Martha Raye with guests Ann Miller, Chad & Jeremy (Distant Shores), S. Sgt. Barry Sadler (The "A" Team/Ballad Of The Green Berets), George Carlin, and Allen & Rossi.        w/o/c          1 hour          7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (4/30/66) - Fred Astaire hosts Barrie Chase, Louis Nye, Helen O'Connell, juggler Bela Kremo, lion tamer John Zerbini, and Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (Lonely Bull/What Now My Love - medley/It Was A Very Good Year/Spanish Flea/Love Potion #9/A Taste Of Honey)          w/o/c       1 hour        6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (9/24/66) - Host Phil Silvers with guests Polly Bergan, Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner, Lovin' Spoonful (Rain On The Roof/Summer In The City), more.       w/o/c     1 hour      7+

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/22/66) - Hosted by Phyllis Diller with guests Hermans Hermits (Listen People/Dandy), Bob Newhart, Tony Martin, Lada Edmund Jr., Kirk Kirkham, The Palace Duo, more.           w/o/c            1 hour          7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/29/66) - Host Herb Alpert (Tijuana Taxi) and guests The Supremes (You Keep Me Hangin' On/Somewhere/What Now My Love), Shelley Berman, Herb & The Tijuana Brass (Mame/medley of hits/Zorba The Greek), more.        w/o/c         1 hour        7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (11/19/66) - Hosted by Vince Edwards with guests Rowan & Martin, The Standells (Dirty Water/Why Pick On Me), Peter Nero, Norm Crosby, Juliet Prowse, The Geezy Brothers, more.         w/o/c        1 hour         7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (12/10/66) - Host Jimmy Durante and guests Peter Lawford, Mrs. Miller, The Turtles (Can I Get To Know You Better), George Carlin, Elaine Dunn, more.       50 min.          7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/7/67) - Host Ray Bolger and guests Paul Revere & The Raiders (Great Airplane Strike of 1966), Diahann Carroll, King Family, more.     w/o/c        1 hour        6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (2/25/67) - Host Van Johnson and guests Liza Minelli, Chris Noel, Mickey Rooney, The Beatles (Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields - videos), more.        w/o/c        1 hour      6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/11/67) - Kate Smith hosts Tim Conway, Jimmy Dean, The Hardly-Worth-It Players (Sen. Bobby's WILD THING!!), Ann Miller, New Vaudeville Band (Peek-A-Boo/Winchester Cathedral), and more.          55 min          6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (4/8/67) - Hosted by Tony Martin & Cyd Charrise with guests The Buffalo Springfield (short For What It's Worth/Mr. Soul), Jackie Clark, The Kim Sisters, Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks, and more.         w/o/c         1 hour           7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (4/22/67) - Joan Crawford hosts Ralph Adams, Nancy Ames, Tim Conway, Julius LaRosa, The Cyrkle (Turn Down Day), more.        55 min.         6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (9/12/67) - Hosted by Phyllis Diller with guests Phil Harris, Fifth Dimension (Up Up And Away/California My Way), Frankie Avalon (Sand And Sea), Annette Funicello (Promise Me Anything), more.           w/o/c            1 hour         7+      

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (9/19/67) -Host Milton Berle with Lena Horne, The Nitwits, Spanky & Our Gang (Makin' Every Minute Count), more.      w/o/c      1 hour      6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (9/26/67) - Host Sammy Davis Jr. (That Old Black Magic/After Today/At The Crossroads), The Supremes (Reflections/The Lady Is A Tramp), Raquel Welch (Bang Bang), Burns & Schreiber, jazz dancer Baby Lawrence, Joey Bishop, Sammy & The Supremes (medley of songs about cities)               w/o/c            1 hour             6

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/17/67) - Hosted by Petula Clark (This Is My Song/Don't Sleep In The Subway/Imagine/Just Say Goodbye), Noel Harrison (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds), Lynn Redgrave, The Nitwits, more.      w/o/c      1 hour      6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (12/5/67) - Host Jimmy Durante and guests The Berosinis, Noel Harrison, Lennon Sisters, Ethel Merman (dressed with Jimmy as Frank/Nancy Sinatra singing Something Stupid), Grass Roots (Let's Live For Today), more.    w/o/c     1 hour     6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (12/12/67) - All A & M recording artists show.  Hosted by Herb Alpert & The TJB (With A Little Help From My Friends/medley of hits), Liza Minelli, Baja Marimba Band (Fiddler On The Roof + 1), Wes Montgomery, Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 (Goin' Out Of My Head + 1), Burt Bacharach, Boyce & Hart (quick I Wanna Be Free/Clarksville medley and I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight).       1 hour              w/o/c        7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (2/10/68) - Victor Borge hosts Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, The King Family, Dino Desi & Billy (My What A Shame), more.       w/o/c          1 hour         6

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/16/68) - Hosted by Don Knotts with guests Nancy Ames, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Glenn Ash, Ralph Adams, The Merry-Go-Round (Listen, Listen), Mary Costa, more.      w/o/c           1 hour            7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/23/68) - Host Phil Harris and guests Phil Crosby, Bill Dana, Abbe Lane (again?!), The Hollies (Jennifer Eccles), more.      w/o/c       1 hour       7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (4/20/68) - Hosted by Bing Crosby with guests The King Sisters, Florence Henderson, Sid Caesar, Every Mothers Son (Put Your Mind At Ease), Joe Bushkin, more.       w/o/c     1 hour       7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE – (9/28/68) – Bing Crosby (If You’re Looking For A Man) hosts Sid Caesar, Bob Gibson, Bobby Goldsboro (short Honey/The Straight Life), Abby Lincoln, Jeannie C. Riley (Harper Valley PTA), more.        w/o/c       1 hour        7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (11/2/68) - Sammy Davis Jr hosts Aretha Franklin (I Say A Little Prayer/Come Back Baby), Spanky & Our Gang (Give A Damn/Yesterday's Rain), Johnnie Whitaker, Corbett Monica, more.  Sammy sings (If They Could See Me Now/MacArthur Park/I Gotta Be Me/ Peace, Brother, Peace)                w/o/c              1 hour               6+     

HOLLYWOOD PALACE  - (1/4/69) – Bing Crosby (Little Green Apples) hosts Judy Carne, Bobbie Gentry (Mornin’ Glory), Stu Gilliam, Tiny Tim (Come To The Ball/My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time/Great Balls Of Fire), more.      w/o/c       1 hour      7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/18/69) - With Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (Little Green Apples/Nashville Cats), Burl Ives (Wolverton Mountain), George Gobel (In The Summertime-with Burl), Burl, Roy & Dale (Jambalaya), Sonny James (Born To Be With You/Only The Lonely/Hawaiian Wedding Song-with Dale), Jeannie C. Riley (The Girl Most Likely/Flattery Will Get You Everywhere-with Roy), Irene Ryan (I'm A Woman), more.   w/o/c     1 hour    7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/25/69) - Host Don Knotts with guests Maureen Arthur, Cyd Charisse, The Checkmates (Who's Makin' Love), Gail Martin (Didn't We/ ? ), Bobby Vinton (medley of hits/I Love How You Love Me), more.          w/o/c       1 hour        6

HOLLYWOOD PALACE – (2/8/69) – Host Robert Goulet with guests Hendra and Ulett, Mills Brothers, Dusty Springfield (Son Of A Preacher Man/I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore/medley of songs with Bob Goulet), Kate Thompson, more.     w/o/c   1 hour         7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE  - (3/1/69) – Bing Crosby (Ob La Di, Ob La Da) hosts Victor Borge, Gary Crosby, Frank Sinatra Jr., The Temptations (Runaway Child), MUCH more.     w/o/c     1 hour      7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/15/69) - Host Sammy Davis Jr (I Gotta Be Me/LOTS more songs), Charo, Dave Madden, Nipsey Russell, Peggy Lipton (Just A Little Lovin'/Little Green Apples w/Sammy), James Brown (I Got The Feelin'/Cold Sweat/Say It Loud medley), more.      w/o/c      1 hour       7+    

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (3/22/69) - Hosted by Phyllis Diller and Don Rickles with guests The King Family, dancers Szony & Claire, Terry-Thomas, Jack Walker (There's A Boat Leavin' Every Day), Baja Marimba Band (I'll Marimba You).       w/o/c        1 hour      6½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE – (4/5/69) – Bing Crosby (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/Both Sides Now) hosts The Four Tops (In The Still Of The Night/Eleanor Rigby), Sally Ann Howes, Shelley Berman, Phil Crosby, more.        w/o/c       1 hour        7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/11/69) - Hosted by Bing Crosby with guests Gwen Verdon, Sweetwater (Motherless Child), Dick Shawn, Bobbie Gentry (You've Made Me So Very Happy), Engelbert Humperdinck (I Could Have Danced All Night/A Better Man), more.        w/o/c        1 hour             7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (10/25/69) – Englebert Humperdinck (Tell Me When/Am I That Easy To Forget/There Goes My Everything/Aquarius) hosts Nancy Ames, Gladys Knight & The Pips (Nitty Gritty/Ain’t No Sun), Sid Caesar, Jack E. Leonard,  Lonnie Donegan (medley of hits), more.        w/o/c            1 hour         7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE  - (11/1/69) – Sammy Davis Jr. (My Funny Valentine/My Way/ Spinning Wheel) hosts Peter Lawford, Rosey Grier (Deeper In The Hole), Cass Elliott (Make Your Own Kind Of Music/I Dig Rock & Roll Music-with Sammy), Lionel Hampton, The Dells (Oh What A Night), Dana Valery, more.         w/o/c          1 hour            7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (11/22/69) - Hosted by Milton Berle with guests Connie Stevens, Martha Raye, Steve Allen, Hines Hines & Dad, and The Youngbloods (Sunlight), more.         w/o/c             1 hour            7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE – (11/29/69) – Diahann Carroll hosts John Byner, Godfrey Cambridge, Robert Culp, Stevie Wonder (Everybody’s Talking), more.       w/o/c       1 hour        7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE – (1/10/70) – Hosts Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson and guests Scoey Mitchell, Sam & Dave (I Take What I Want/Make It Easy On Yourself), Willie Shoemaker, Dusty Springfield (The Look Of Love/Brand New Me), more.     w/o/c      1 hour             7

HOLLYWOOD PALACE – (1/17/70) – Co-hosted by Bobbie Gentry, John Hartford & Roy Clark with guests: Brooklyn Bridge (He’s Not A Happy Man), Bobbie Gentry (The Rainmaker/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head), John Hartford (Natural To Be Gone), Roy Clark (Then She’s A Lover), Frankie Laine, Louis Nye, MUCH more!       w/o/c          1 hour         7½

HOLLYWOOD PALACE - (1/31/70) – Don Knotts hosts Bobby Goldsboro (Proud Mary/Everybody’s Talking), Joey Heatherton, Lance Rentzel (Sunny), Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill, Baja Marimba Band (Hey Jude), more.         w/o/c        1 hour             7½