Introduced,Produced & Directed by Mike Mansfield
London Weekend Television/ITV Network

'Supersonic' Began in 1974 ...great show with lotsa faves like T.Rex, Slade, Sweet, Kinks...lots more...


Episode Guide:

Show 1:

Status Quo-Down Down
Rod Stewart-Mine for me
Bay City Rollers-Bye Bye Baby
Gary Glitter-The Wanderer
Alvin Stardust-True love is Paradise
Sunny-All around the moon
Rod Stewart-Sweet Little rock'n'roller

Show 2: (The First Edition from 6th September 1975)

Suzi Quatro-Hanging around
Alvin Stardust-Move it
Gilbert O'Sullivan-I'll believe it
Linda Lewis-It's in his kiss
David Essex-Once Bitten twice shy
Linda Lewis-Rock'n'roll Rollercoaster
David Essex-Hold me Close

Show 3:

Chris Spedding-Motor Biking
Pearly Gates-I'm gonna make it my business
Jack the Lad-Sailed the 7 sea's
Albert Hammond-Never rains in southern california
Hollies-Long cool woman
Marianne Faithfull-Dreaming my Dreams

Show 4:

Andy Bown-Supersonic
Cliff Richard-Honky tonk angel
Pilot-Just a Smile
Bay City Rollers-Rock'n'roll Honeymoon
Chris Farlowe-Out of Time
Albert Hammond-Never rains in southern california *
Cliff Richard-Party
Bay City Rollers-Shout!

Show 5:

Hello-New york groove
Smokie-Don't play that rock'n'roll
Paul Curtis-Call me back
Smokie-If you think you know.....
John Miles-High Fly
Johnny Nash-Let's be friends
Alvin Stardust-Come on,come on

Show 6:

Arthur Brown-Fire!
Hollies-He ain't heavy...
Dean Ford
Marc Bolan-Dreamy Lady
America-Hold me tight
Hollies-Long cool woman *
David Essex-Hold me close *
Mud-L L Lucy

Show 7:

Andy Bown-Supersonic (2nd app)
Leo Sayer-Moonlighting
Roxy Music-Love is the drug
Dave Berry-The crying game
Justin Haywood & John Lodge-Blue Guitar
Arthur Brown-We've gotta get out of this place
Roxy Music-Burning
Andy Fairweather Low-La Booga Rooga

Show 8:

David Essex-The Main Attraction
Real Thing-Carolina
Marc Bolan-Dreamy Lady (2nd app)
Sweet-Burn on the flame
Steve Colyer-Hey Mary
Bay City Rollers-Rock'n'roll Honeymoon *

Show 9: (not available yet)

Wizzard-Rattlesnake Roll
John Miles-High fly
Jack the Lad-Sailed the 7 Sea's *
Gilbert O'Sullivan-You Never listen to reason
Adrian Baker-Candy Baby
Sheer Elegance-On the Milky Way
Mud-L L Lucy (2nd app)

Show 10: (not available yet)

The Tymes-Someone's watching you
Thin Lizzy-Wild One
Linda Lewis-Rock'n'roller coaster *
Baker Gurvitz Army-No Mistake can be made
Suzi Quatro-I'm Still Hanging 'Round *
Ginger Baker-Drum Solo
Procol Harum-We Won't let go
Andy Bown-Supersonic (2nd app)*

Show 11:

Troggs-I Can't get no Satisfaction
Leo Sayer-Let it Be
Gene Pitney-Stop that Train
Barry Ryan-Matieo
Slade-In for a Penny
Melanie-Almost like being in love
Gary Glitter-Papa Oom mow mow

Show 12:

Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Delilah
Snafu-I Tried to tell her
David Essex-Just me and you
E.L.O.-Evil Woman
Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Deep Blue Sea
David Essex-Oh Girl

Show 13:

The Drifters-Can I Take you Home Little Girl
Gene Pitney-Stop that Train *
Andy Scott (Sweet)-Lady Starlight
Ronnie Charles-Wishing Well
The Drifters-There goes my first love
Leo Sayer-Let it Be *
Bay City Rollers-Money Honey (+Titles)

Show 14: (not available yet)

Sailor-Traffic Jam
Kiki Dee-Once a Fool
Tony Sheridan-Lonely
Roxy Music-Burning *
Sailor-Glass of Champagne
Cliff Richard-Miss you Nights
Kiki Dee-I've got the music in me

Show 15: (not available yet)

Andy Fairweather Low-Wide Eyed and Legless
Rubettes-Little Darling
Kinks-No More Looking Back
Bilbo Baggins-Back Home
Osibisa-Sunshine Day
R & J Stone-We Do it
Kinks-You Really Got me

Show 16:

Smokie-Something's been making me Blue
Drifters-Can I Take you home little girl *
Ronnie Lane-Slim Chance
Slik-Forever and Ever
Ronnie Lane-Cute One
Melanie-Look what they done to my song ,Ma
Kenny-It's so nice to have you home

Show 17: (not available yet)

Marmalade-Ob La di Ob la da
Guys and Dolls-You don't have to say you love me
Ace-How Long
Marmalade-Until I Found you
Ace-I See no future in your eyes
Sweet-The Lies in your Eyes

Show 18:

Andy Fairweather Low-Wide Eyed and Legless
Bilbo Baggins-Back Home
Be Bop Deluxe-Without Love
Pilot-High in the sky
Walker Brothers-No Regrets

Show 19: (not available yet)

Sailor-Glass of Champagne (2nd app)
R & J Stone-We Do it
Chris Spedding-Jump in my Car
Fancy-Dance to the Music Maker
Roy Wood-Look thru the eyes of a fool
Slik-Forever and Ever (2nd app)
Sailor-Girls Girls Girls

Show 20: (not available yet)

Sweet-The Lies in your eyes *
Ozo-Listen to the Buddah
Mr Big-I Wish I was young again
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver-Arms of Mary
Rogue-Fallen Angel
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel-White White Dove

Show 21: (not available yet)

Slade-The Bangin' Man
Cliff Richard-Miss you Nights *
Peter Noone-We Don't need the money
Hello-Star Studded Sham
Albert Hammond-The Air that I Breathe
Elkie Brooks-He's a Rebel
Slade-Let's Call it Quits

Show 22:

T.Rex-Telegram Sam
Kevin Ayres-Falling in Love Again
Andy Williams-Solitare
T.Rex-London Boys
Steve Gibbons Band-Sweetheart
Golden Earring-Sleepwalking
Andy Williams-The Other side of me

Show 23:

Georgie Fame-Honestly
Russ Ballad-Since you've been gone
Albert Hammond-The Peacemaker
Georgie Fame-Lily
The Kinks-No More Looking Back *
String Driven Thing-But I Do
Slade-Let's call it Quits *

Show 24:

Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Runaway
Rubettes-Little Darling *
Barry Ryan-Judy
Golden Earring-Sleepwalking *
Charlie-First Class Travelller
Hazel Dean-I Could'nt live without your love
Gary Glitter-You Belong to me

Show 25: (not available yet)

The Glitter Band-People like you
Labi Sifre-Star Ride to Nowhere
Kevin Ayres-Falling in love again *
Melanie-Look what they done to my song,Ma *
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver-Arms of Mary
Laurie Andrew-I'll never love anyone anymore
Kenny-Hot Lips

Show 26:

Jethro Tull-Living in the past
Albert Hammond-99 miles from L.A
Marc Bolan-London Boys
Jethro Tull-Too old to rock'n'roll.....
John Miles-Music

Show 27: (New titles) (not available yet)

Sailor-Girls girls girls (2nd app)
Dodgers-Don't it always get you down
David Essex-Rock on
Sailor-Stilleto Heels
Climax blues band-Could'nt get it right
David Essex-Coming home

Show 28: (not available yet)

Osibisa-The Coffee Song
Gene Pitney-Hold on to the music
Smokie-I'll meet you at midnight
Twiggy-Vanilla Ole
Guys and Dolls-Stoney Ground
Catherine Howe-Till the morning comes
Guys and Dolls-Let's all get together.

Show 29:The Supersonic Christmas Show 1975 (not available yet)

Slade-In for a Penny
Alvin Stardust-Hamburger Heaven
Leo Sayer-Moonlighting
Marc Bolan-Dreamy Lady
Linda Lewis-It's in his kiss
Justin Haywood & John Lodge-Blue Guitar
Roxy Music-Love is the drug
David Essex-Just me and you
Kiki Dee-I've got the music in me
David Essex-Oh Girl
Mud-L Lucy
Bay city rollers-Money Honey

Show 30: (not available yet)

Linda Lewis-Remember the days of the old school yard
Showaddywaddy-Under the Moon of Love
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver-Secrets
Billy J Kramer-Little Children
Linda Lewis-This time i'll be sweeter
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver-Arms of Mary (diff)
Gilbert O'Sullivan-To each his own

Show 31:

The Rubettes-I Can do it
Alan Price-The Jarrow Song
Slik-When will I be Loved
The Rubettes-Under One Moon
Alan Price-Kiss away the night
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel-Love's a prima donna

Show 32:

The Glitter Band-Goodbye to love
Tina Charles-Dance little lady
Frankie Miller-Sail Away
The Glitter band-Lay your love on me
Tina Charles-Dr Love
Cliff Richard-Hey Mr Dream maker
The Glitter Band-People like you...(t)

Show 33:

Bay City Rollers-Rock and Roller
Mud-Beating round the Bush
Kursaal Flyers-Little does she know
Babys-If you got the time
Mud-Lean on me
Jimmy McCulloch-Call my name
Bay City Rollers-You're a woman

Show 34: (not available yet)

Real Thing-You to me are everything
New Seekers-I Want to go back
Climax Blues band-Could'nt get it right
Real Thing-Can't get by without you
Sunfighter-Such a Lovely night
New Seekers-Music Medley :I'm a song sing me/I Believe in music/I've got the music in me/Music.

Show 35:

Chris Spedding & the Vibrators-Motor Biking (diff)
Cloudagh Rogers-Save me
Osibisa-The Coffee Song *
Rubettes-Goody two shoes
Chris Spedding & the Vibrators-Pogo Dancing
Medicine Head-Me & Susie
Rubettes-Baby I Know

Show 36: (not available yet)

Andy Fairweather Low-Wide eyed and Legless (Diff)
Mud-Lean on me *
Hollies-Dragging my Heels
Andy Fairweather Low-Be bop'n'holla
Hollies-Daddy don't mind

Show 37: (not available yet)

Jessie Green-Flip
John Miles-Music Man
Deaf School-Taxi
Jessie Green-Nice and Slow
Deaf School-What a way to end it all
John Miles-Manhatten Skyline

Show 38: (not available yet)

Eddy & the Hotrods-Teenage Depression
Liverpool Express-Every man must have a dream
Ace-How Long (diff)
The Dodgers-Don't it always get you down
Eddy & the Hotrods-All you need is money
Ace-You're all that i need
Slik-Don't take you're love away

Show 39: (not available yet)

Leo Sayer-You make me feel like dancing
Real Thing-You'll never know what you're missing
Mr Big-Romeo
Andy Fairweather Low-Be Bop 'n' Holla *
Real Thing-Hallelujah Man
Scrounger-Our Love
Leo Sayer-When I Need you

Show 40: (not available yet)

Slade-Mama were all crazzee now
Paul Nicholas-Dancing with the Captain
Miquel Brown-First time around
Paul Nicholas-Grandma's Party
Slade-Gypsy Roadhog

Show 41: (not available yet)

Suzi Quatro-The Wild One
Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones-To know you is to love you
Justin Haywood-One Lonely Room
Twiggy-20 20 Hindsight
Suzi Quatro-Tear me Apart
Marc Bolan-Crimson Moon
Twiggy-Please get my name right

Show 42: (not available yet)

Sailor-Girls Girls Girls (3rd app)
Andy Bown-Love love love
Sheer Elegance-Dance the night away
Johnny Nash-Birds of a feather
John Lodge-Say you love me
Sailor-One drink too many

Show 43: (not available yet)

Glitter Band-Spread your wings across my sky
Justin Haywood-One lonely room
Patti Bouleye-Stop it I Like it
Steve Gibbons Band-Please don't say goodbye
Danny Ray-Can't get used to losing you
Kiki Dee-First thing in the morning,Last thing at night

Show 44:

Dead End Kids-Have I the right
Marmalade-You're the only light still shinning
Strapps-Child of the City
Bandit-Going to Ohio
The Damned-Neat,Neat,Neat
Leo Sayer-How Much Love